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Why mPayy Personal Account?

Shop or send money online or with your mobile device

It’s FREE to open an account, or use it to shop or send money to friends and family

mPayy works with all banks in the US, as well as any mobile device or wireless carrier

What can I use mPayy for?

- Send money to your kids at college?

- Split the cost of concert tickets or a meal with friends?

- Shop online with merchants that accept mPayy

- Accept payments on Facebook or my blog

Mobile Showcase

- Check out the mPayy iPhone App

- Check out the mPayy Android App

Who should use the mPayy Personal Account?

Anyone who wants to shop online or send money to friends and family can use mPayy.

Link your checking account in order to fund your secure debit transactions. Credit cards can not be used to fund your mPayy transactions.

mPayy accounts without linked bank accounts can be funded from other mPayy accounts, and person-to-person transfers are free.

Can I make credit card payments with mPayy?

mPayy is not a credit card processor. mPayy enables you to accept secure debit payments from people’s checking accounts. mPayy hooks directly up to your checking account, not yourdebit card.

By not accepting any card-based payments, mPayy is able to offer you the best payment processing prices to merchants and free person-to-person money transfers.

Why do I need to give mPayy my cell phone number?

mPayy uses your cell phone number as your unique identifier. You can log into your mPayy account or and authorize payments through mPayy’s ecommerce partners simply by using your cell phone number and password.

mPayy will send you an SMS text message with a 4-digit verification code when you open your mPayy account in order to verify ownership of that phone number. You must verify your account to receive payments.

Is mPayy secure?

mPayy protects all member data utilizing 128-bit TDES encryption technology. Even mPayy staff does not have access to your password or financial information for your protection.