Welcome to Mpayy!

What's an Mpayy?

Mpayy is an online and mobile secure debit payment processor. You can use Mpayy to make all the same payments you do with your debit card, AND you can do so with your phone.

Mpayy uses your checking account and cell phone, but it doesn’t matter who your bank is, what phone you have, or who your wireless provider is.
Mpayy Account for Individuals
  • Mpayy provides free, secure debit payments on the Internet to friends, at eCommerce merchants, or through social networks with our widget.
  • Free Person-to-Person (P2P Payments) can be made to anyone with an Mpayy account. When you make a P2P payment, the money will come from your Mpayy account, and go to your friend's Mpayy account in four business days. You don't need to pre-fund your Mpayy account.
  • If you're on the road, you can take full advantage of Mpayy's mobile website.
  • Mpayy does offer Stored Value accounts that can receive money, and then make payments from the balance. Perfect for an "online shopping" allowance for kids. Money can be freely transferred to another Mpayy member to be withdrawn.
  • IDEA Account for Online Sellers
  • The IDEA Account, or Individually Deployed Ecommerce application, serves the needs of online sellers and auctioneers.
  • IDEA Accounts allow you to accept payments through iOffer.com, or any other website. Simply provide your shoppers with your cell phone number OR your Mpayy Account Nickname.
  • Use Mpayy's Do-It-Yourself Ecommerce Tools to send Invoice Links, grab "Buy Now" buttons, or Get the Widget to add payments to your website.
  • Fees are $0.20 + 2.00%, and payments settle in 3 business days. Track your earnings, make Withdrawals or Refunds from Mpayy.com, or your mobile device.
  • Join the Mpayy 5K to Earn $5,000
  • The Mpayy 5K is our Referral program that will help your earn up to $5,000.
  • The Mpayy 5K provides simple tools to upload your contacts & send email invites, as well as post your link to social bookmarking websites.
  • The Mpayy 5K also has a Facebook application plugin to invite your contacts there.
  • All Mpayy Members are eligible to join the Mpayy 5K, and you can include your referral link in your Do-It-Yourself Ecommerce setup.
  • LIFT for Charities
  • LIFT Accounts are for tax-exempt charities that have substantial online donation flow, and seek an integrated Donation Checkout solution. Smaller organizations can use the self-serve Mpayy IDEA account, and widget at low fees.
  • LIFT Accounts provide the full suite of functionality Mpayy provides its largest eCommerce retailers, including advanced Cash Management tools, access to donor information for CRM activities, instant account-opening at checkout.
  • Mpayy can provide the tools to run pledge drives, referral tools, and track fundraising promotions.
  • Ask Mpayy about customized social networking widgets, including video and other media, to expand your donation drive to social networks.
  • Retail Ecommerce & Checkout Host
  • The Mpayy REACH Account is an enterprise secure debit merchant account that integrates directly into your checkout path with other payment options.
  • REACH Applicants must have complete control over their checkout path, and the ability to integrate to Mpayy's Payment API into existing fulfillment.
  • REACH Accounts provide 50+% savings vs. credit card processing, 0% Fraud Liability, and Mpayy's Buyer Protection Guarantees to their shoppers.
  • Mpayy provides a simple interface for Customer Service, Cash Management and reporting.
  • So... Mpayy is a Credit Card processor?

    Mpayy is NOT a Credit Card Processor, but is rather linked to your checking account and functions just like your debit card – Mpayy enables shoppers to buy things with their checking accounts online, or with their cell phones. Electrify your wallet to shop or send money to your friends.

    What's this got to do with my cell phone?

    Mpayy’s unique mobile technology allows you to send/receive money, as well as buy or sell goods right from your cell phone of mobile device, anywhere in the country. Your mobile phone number is your unique identifier within the Mpayy system. You can log in with it, or send money to someone else’s cell phone number. PLUS, access Mpayy at http://mobile.mpayy.com.