mPayy - your mobile payment solution

What is mPayy? mPayy is a secure payment processor that links your cell phone with your checking account - not your credit card. Your mPayy account functions exactly the same as your bank debit card - only easier and even more convenient!

Not only can you make purchases online at e-commerce sites using your mPayy account, you can also send (and receive) funds to other mPayy account holders - instantly!

mPayy is always FREE for Person-to-Person transactions between any mPayy members. You'll never pay a fee when sending money to your friends and family with mPayy!**
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why use your cell phone?

mPayy's unique mobile technology allows you to send and receive funds, as well as buy or sell goods right from your cell phone or mobile device. 78% of people would return home for a forgotten phone over their wallets, now you don't need your wallet at all!
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merchants - save with mPayy!

The mPayy IDEA Account serves the needs of online sellers and auctioneers. Use the mPayy DIY Ecommerce Tools to send invoices and add "Buy Now" buttons to your site. Fees are $0.20 + 2.00%, and payments settle in 3 days. Track your earnings, withdrawals or refunds right from your mobile device!
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