mPayy iPhone Mobile Payments App

The mPayy iPhone Mobile Payments application lets you manage your entire mPayy account, including making payments, issuing withdrawals, tracking activity and refunds.

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mPayy Android Mobile Payments App

If Android is your mobile operating system of choice, mPayy provides all the relevant account facilities directly to your smartphone. Open an account, link your checking account, and conduct all your payments directly from your mobile phone.

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Payments API

mPayy provides access to its online and mobile payments API that will enable you to add secure debit payments to any fat client application or online or mobile website.

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Magento Payment Gateway Plugin

mPayy released install scripts to add mPayy as a checkout option to your Magento-powered shopping cart in just a few minutes. Run the script and mPayy will immediately be available within your Magento admin tool.

Get step-by-step instructions to installing mPayy to your Magento site

Lightbox Checkout Window

Get step-by-step instructions to add the mPayy Checkout Window directly to your ecommerce website. You can call the mPayy Checkout Window directly from your website with just a few, quick changes.

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