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Whether you're shopping online, or sharing a meal with friends, mPayy provides a free way to pay directly from your checking account. Leave your wallet at home with mPayy.

mPayy is not a credit card processor. Instead, payments and person-to-person money transfers are funded directly from users' checking accounts, or through stored value balances in an mPayy account.

Free Person-to-Person & Mobile Payments with mPayy Personal Account

mPayy's Personal account can be opened with just a cell phone number and a checking account.

With a free Personal account, mPayy members can send money to friends and family, or fund online purchases at no charge. Funds received into an mPayy account can be withdrawn directly into the linked checking account associated with an mPayy account.

mPayy lets you login quickly with just a cell phone number and a password, and manage your accounts from iPhone and Android applications in addition to mPayy's website.

Learn more about the mPayy Personal Account.

Save 50+% in Merchant Processing Costs with mPayy

mPayy's Business account enables you to cut your transaction processing costs in half vs. credit card payments.

Add mPayy to your shopping cart, or take it on the road and accept mobile payments on the go. Through seamless checkout, you can improve online shopping cart conversion by adding to consumer payment options.

Learn more about the mPayy Business Account.

Add mPayy to your Website or App with mPayy Developer Tools

mPayy provides solutions for every type of commerce experience. Ad mPayy to your site's checkout path with the lightbox checkout window, or build your own solution.

mPayy's secure payments API's allow you to access payments, initiate subscriptions, and even white label account management options from any application or device anywhere throughout the cloud.

Learn more about the mPayy Developer Tools.

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