Signing Up

Who should apply for a LIFT account?

Charities with tax exempt status that host their own website and are looking for a debit option to accept donations or process payments for sales in a store

I just want a donation widget, what should I do?

mPayy’s donation widgets run off IDEA accounts, which can be opened at

Accepting Donations with LIFT Accounts

Does mPayy allow my donors to pay with credit cards?

NO. mPayy strictly processes payments from donors’ checking accounts and/or Stored Value

How does mPayy integrate into my website?

mPayy offers three different implementation options on your website

  • “Lightbox” Checkout Window – The Lightbox opens a “window within a window” on top of your site, which is slightly greyed out with a translucent layer. The Checkout Window will be co-branded with your logo and color-scheme as well as information about completing the transaction with mPayy.
  • “Express Lane” – The Express Lane is an iFrame within your Checkout path that can be opened and minimized. Similarly, the Express Lane can be co-branded to match your website
  • Session Transfer – The Session Transfer allows Merchants to send their donors to mPayy to complete the transaction before being passed back after the transaction is completed.
How do mPayy transactions get fulfilled?

mPayy transactions trigger the Payment Details API in order to verify the status and completion of a specific transaction. Merchant’s system receives the Success response from mPayy through the Payment Details API and kicks off its normal fulfillment processes

What if my donors don’t have an mPayy account?

Your donors can open an mPayy account and complete the transaction in the same session. It just takes a couple of minutes, and you can expedite the process by sending any personal information fields you have collected about the shopper beforehand.

How much does mPayy charge to process transactions?

LIFT Fees will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but will max out at $0.20 + 2.00%.

What if the shopper provides bad checking account information or bounces a payment?

a. mPayy provides 0% fraud liability to LIFT accounts.

Cash Management

How do I process refunds?

mPayy provides an Admin tool that provides full Cash Management features including making full or partial refunds directly from a Payment Details Screen

How do I withdraw funds?

Your corporate DDA will be linked to your mPayy Merchant profile when the account is set up. You can process a Withdrawal directly from the Admin tool at any time for FREE.

Alternately, mPayy can automatically deposit the funds into your corporate checking account on a nightly basis for FREE.


What sort of reporting does mPayy provide?

Sales Reporting – mPayy provides Payment & Cash Flow reporting with multiple Search/Filter options to serve needs from Customer Service to Accounting

Channel Reporting – The mPayy referral report allows you to track signups by multiple different channels, and/or ad campaigns.

Customer Service

Does mPayy provide Customer Service Admin accounts with restricted privileges?

Yes, mPayy provides all the necessary controls to fulfill customer service roles without the ability to move money

Mobile LIFT Transactions

Can mPayy enable a mobile ecommerce website for me?

Yes, mPayy’s API can be easily integrated into any mobile website

Does mPayy offer a Text-to-Pay Service?

Absolutely. mPayy can enable you to send invoices via text messages that are processed through a co-branded mobile website