Free Mobile Payments with the mPayy iPhone App

What's the mPayy iPhone App all about?

mPayy's iPhone app uses the API services available from the mPayy application in order to bring a complete mPayy experience directly to the deck on your phone.

The mPayy iPhone application enables users to make and receive payments, track activity, and withdraw funds from their mPayy accounts to linked bank accounts. Small business account holders are also able to issue refunds for any sale through the application, even if it occurred on their website.

What's Required?

All you need is an iPhone or iPod Touch, and an mPayy Personal or Small Business account. There are no costs for opening an mPayy account or making payments.

Personal account-holders can receive free mobile payments, and small business account-holders face low cost merchant processing fees.

The mPayy iPhone application is currently pending approval by the Applcation store.

How does it work?

    Welcome Screen

  • The Welcome screen presents a selector that will allow you to make a payment directly, or just login to view and maintain your account.
  • If you make a payment, you will be logged into the Dashboard.
  • Dashboard

  • Once you are logged in, or after you complete a payment from the Welcome screen, you will land on the Dashboard.
  • The Dashboard is your main navigation hub that will allow you to Make Payment, Withdraw, View Activity, or to view the Help files.
  • The Dashboard will also display your mPayy account balance.
  • Payment Flow

  • The Make Payment form is available from the Welcome screen, or the Dashboard. For the Payee form, you can either specify a Payee, or click the + image and select a contact from your phone's list.
  • The Payment Confirmation screen re-presents your payment information for you to confirm the receipient and amount you want to pay.
  • The Payment Confirm will allow you to modify any aspect of your payment including the amount, or payee.
  • Upon confirmation, you will see the Payment Information screen that will provide you with the payment details.
  • Activity

  • The mPayy iPhone application enables you to track the status of your payments, and any activity you have with your mPayy accounts. Your online auctions, shopping cart sales and any other storefront powered by mPayy will be displayed in this Activity list.
  • Your Activity list amounts are color coded. Person-to-person payments you receive, sales you transact, your withdrawals, and refunds issued to you will appear in GREEN. In RED, person-to-person payments you send, purchases you make, and refunds you issue will appear.
  • Clicking on any particular transaction will display the Payment Details screen. Any transactions that are available to issue refunds on will be marked "Refundable".
  • Refund

  • When you see a payment marked "Refundable" on the Activity screen, and view the Payment details, you will see a Refund button in the top right of the screen. Clicking that will reveal the Refund screen that can be processed directly through.
  • Withdrawal

  • The Withdrawal function is available from the Dashboard. When you click Withdraw, your bank name and the last four of you account number will be displayed.
  • Withdrawals will be processed at the next day end, and should show up in your bank account within a day or two. Your account balance will be reduced by the amount of your withdrawal when it is withdrawn.

Welcome Screen


Make Payment

Payment Confirmation

Payment Info

View Activity

Payment Details