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March 2, 2009 8:01am

About the Mpayy 5K Referral Program

Like Cash? Have Friends? The process couldn't be any simpler!

All Mpayy 5K members are assigned a unique referral code which we use to track your Mpayy 5K progress.
Use our simple tools to add your contacts from any (and all!) of your favorite email accounts (Gmail, AOL, .mac, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.)
We'll send an email invitation to your contacts inviting them to become Mpayy Members. Invitations can also be posted to your Facebook and MySpace profiles for an even greater opportunity to earn cash!
Anyone who opens an Mpayy account from an invitation you send or post gets you closer to your next referral bonus.
Even if your email is forwarded to someone you don't know, your unique referral code will capture the sign-up, and increase your potential payoff!
EARN CASH!   Check your stats often to see how you're doing, and the number of referrals needed to reach your next bonus.