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March 2, 2009 10:18am

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mpayy 5K

Can I really earn $5000?

YES! But just like anything else - it takes a some effort from you. The only way to get the cash is by sending out as many Mpayy invitations as possible - to as many contacts as you know. When your contacts respond to the invite and successfully become authenticated Mpayy Members, you get closer to the $5K!

How many referrals do I need to have before I will earn a bonus?

The referral bonus schedule is as follows:

Number of Cumulative ReferralsCumulative Payout
For purposes of clarity, the referring Member will receive $50 when 10 of his or her contacts become Members. The referring Member will receive another $75 when an additional 15 of his or her contacts become Members for a cumulative total of $125. If a referring Member has a 1000 or more of his or her contacts become Members, he or she will receive cumulative bonuses equal to $5000.00.

How do I know how many referrals I already have?

You can check your statistics as soon as you've added contacts and sent invitations. We'll show you:

  • How many contacts you've added
  • How many invitations you've sent out
  • The number of email invitations that were actually opened
  • Your total number of referrals to date
  • How many referrals you need to reach the next bonus tier

How do I add my contacts?

We've created several ways for you to add contacts and send Mpayy invites:

  1. The easiest way to add Mpayy 5K contacts is to import your existing contacts from your email service. We currently support Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and even LinkedIn. Simply enter your email address and password (we'll NEVER store your password), and we'll grab your contacts for you. You can then choose to whom you'd like to send an invitation and we'll automatically send them an invite to join Mpayy.
  2. Just as easy, but not as quick: you can manually enter several email addresses at once, and we'll send them an invite.
  3. You can automatically add your referral link to both your Facebook and MySpace profiles
  4. You can generate a link with your referral code, and post it anywhere online you'd like, such as blogs, forums, personal web pages, etc.

How do I send Mpayy invitations to my contacts?

We automatically send an invite to your contacts as soon as you either import them from your email service, or add them directly into the email entry box.

How many contacts can I send invitations to?

Short Answer: As many as you can!
Full Answer: While we're all for getting the word out about Mpayy's services to as many people as we can, we fully respect the privacy of our Members and their contacts. With that, any contact entered who has previously requested to not receive emails from us will be suppressed, and will not be emailed again. Additionally we offer a full opt-out service and will not deliver an invitation to any contact who has declined further communication regarding the Mpayy 5K program.

I've reached my goal of [x] referrals - when do I get paid?!

Bonuses will be paid into the Mpayy account of the referring Member within 60 days of reaching a threshold, e.g., 10, 25, 100, 1000.