mPayy Help

Signing Up

Who should sign up for an mPayy account?

Anyone who wishes to move money online, over mobile phones, or over social networks

What do I need to have an mPayy Account?

All you need for an mPayy account is a cell phone number and an internet connection. Your cell phone number is your mPayy ID, and you must be online to open an account.

A checking account is necessary to fund transactions and withdraw funds, except for transactions funded by Stored Value

What’s with the Identity Verification process?

The identify verification process is to help keep mPayy safe and eliminate fraud. It also facilitates enforcing our policies and other violations of rules and laws. Because mPayy operations involve moving funds from and to bank accounts, it is in the best interests of mPayy and its members to take all steps to validate identities. mPayy seeks to ensure that all transactions are conducted between honest parties and comply with the law.

What if I don’t have a checking account?

A Stored Value Account is an mPayy account that receives funds from other mPayy Accounts.

Money can be transferred from the Stored Value to another mPayy Member e.g., from a parent’s account to a child’s, or can be used to make purchases.

Account Credentials

I forgot my mPayy username.

Your mPayy Username is your cell/mobile phone number. You can also use your mPayy nickname if you created one.

I forgot my mPayy Password.
What should I do if my account is locked?
- Multiple attempts to log in with the incorrect password
- You reported an unauthorized transaction
- If your account has been put on security hold by mPayy

Mobile Device Information

Why do I need to verify my mobile device?

At mPayy, your personal identifier is either your mobile phone. In order for us to locate you and bring you the money someone is trying to send you, you must verify your mobile device.

I haven’t received a verification text message. What should I do?

Log in and click “Verify Mobile Device” from your Dashboard. If the cell phone number and/or carrier do not match, click “Modify Mobile Device” and change the information to match your cell phone number and carrier.

What if my cell phone number and carrier is already correct?

Text messages many times vanish into the ether. If you are having trouble verifying your mobile device. Send an email to [email protected] with your home address and wireless carrier. mPayy will send you your Verification Code.

Otherwise, call 312.346.7090, and mPayy Member Services will help you verify your device.

Do I need a special cell phone or mobile device?

NO. Any device that can access the Internet, e.g., cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, laptop, etc, and receive SMS or email can be used to send and receive payments or turned into a mobile point-of-sale device. You do not need to download any software. The few older cell phones using mobile web 1.0 cannot be used to send money from your phone, but those are pretty hard to find these days.

Does it matter who my wireless carrier is?

NO. mPayy works with all carriers. If you do not see your carrier in the new account form, email us and we will add it.

What if my cell phone doesn’t have web access?

You can use mPayy through any machine that has access to the Internet and you can receive money, but you cannot send money or make a payment from your phone. Adding mobile web will enable you to use your phone to make purchases and send money with your phone.

Bank Account & Financial Information

My mPayy Account was “Suspended” after I added a Bank Account

mPayy suspended your account due to invalid information about your bank account. Please call 312.346.7090 to discuss.

mPayy said it would make a deposit into my bank account. How long will this take?

Deposits will take two to three business days to show up in your bank account.

I received multiple deposits to my bank account. Which one should I use?

mPayy only sends a single deposit per linked bank account. If you received multiple deposits, it is because you added multiple bank accounts. The valid one is only the most recent. You should NOT add the deposits and specify the sum.

Why are the funds in my account not part of my "Available Balance" for Withdrawal?

In order to protect buyers, funds will be held in your mPayy account for a period of time to ensure that goods are shipped. The delay will continue until a successful history has been established.


Is mPayy Secure?

mPayy securely encrypts all sensitive member data and stores it in our hosting data centers.

Your accounts are protected against unauthorized transactions above $50.00 just like credit cards and you can also dispute purchases, just like credit card .

Your bank account information is not transmitted to retailers or to other Members.

What does mPayy do with my bank account information?

Account numbers are not visible to any mPayy employees. Account information is encrypted within the application and used simply to transfer and receive funds.

mPayy will never transfer your bank account information to any third party. mPayy Members who receive money through mPayy have no visibility into the sensitive account information of any other Member.

What does mPayy do with Member's money?

All mPayy Member's funds are held on account with mPayy at JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan also provides all the transaction settlement services.

Will mPayy use my Email or Cell Phone number to send 3rd party marketing messages?

mPayy knows that SPAM E-Mails are terribly annoying and come en masse, and text message marketing is increasing. mPayy will never provide your information to a 3rd party, and all messaging sent to you from mPayy will be focused on transactions you are conducting through mPayy, to communicate Account Information, or to inform you of mPayy specific offers such as promotions, contests or member discounts. In short, if mPayy contacts you, it is for something important!

Person to Person Transfers

How can I send money to my friends with an mPayy account?
  • Your recipient must have an mPayy account first.
  • You must have a Linked Bank Account or a Stored Balance in your bank account
  • You may access your mPayy account through,, the mPayyment Widget on Facebook or MySpace
  • Specify your friend’s cell phone number or mPayy nickname and authorize the transaction with your mPayy credentials
How do I send money from my cell phone?

On your cell phone, go to and log in. Then, send money to your friends by specifying their cell phone number or mPayy nickname.

How do I send money from Facebook or MySpace?

On Facebook, go to; on MySpace, go to

How long will it take for my friend to receive the money?

mPayy Person-to-Person transfers take 4 business days to clear. Transfer-time starts at End of Day after the authorization, and the transaction will settle at End of Day on the 4th day.

How do I fund my mPayy Account/Transaction?

You don’t need to fund your mPayy account before you can send money. Simply link your bank account, and the money will move directly from there to your recipient’s mPayy account.

If you do not have a Linked bank account, you must first receive funds from another mPayy member.

How much does it cost to make Person-to-Person transfers with mPayy?

Person-to-Person transfers cost nothing for either the sender or the receiver. However, if the recipient has an IDEA account, merchant fees will be taken out of the transfer in the amount of $0.20 + 2.00%.

Can I make payments with my credit card?

No, mPayy is not a credit card processor. All transactions that are not funded from a Stored Value account will be funded by

How do I send money from my cell phone?

On your cell phone, go to and log in. Send money to your friends by specifying their cell phone number or mPayy nickname.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding financial regulations in Illinois?

For Illinois residents, you may contact the Department of Financial Institutions at 1-877-710-5331

Shopping Online

Does mPayy allow me to shop with my credit card?

No, mPayy moves funds directly from your checking account or Stored Value balance

How do I shop online?

You can shop online directly from your checking account. Authorize the transaction with your mPayy ID and Password, and the funds will be moved from your checking account to the Merchant.

If I do not receive my goods, what can mPayy do to help me?

mPayy will work to help collect your funds from the seller, but does not make any guarantees. You should use information provided by Seller ratings before you make a purchase online.

I am trying to make a payment and am receiving the error that there are not enough funds in my account.

You are limited in the amount you may pay on a rolling 30 day basis, and mPayy has discretion on approving any and all transactions. If you have a question about a payment, please contact us at [email protected].

How much does it cost to shop with mPayy?

Shopping with mPayy is always free